Monday, 5 December 2016


As ten weeks of Technical communication lesson is over, I spend some time over the week reflecting about the module.  Even though ten weeks is insufficient for me, assignments are given to me like the formal report, the product summary and the report writing allows me to learn the importance of writing. The product presentation give me a chance to improve on my presentation skills and at the same time understand the importance of a good presentation.

During the lessons, I got a chance to interact with my lecturer and my coursemates in different class activities. I get to understand different people’s working style and it benefited me in my other modules project as I can communicate well with them. The activity on introduction to presentation is fun yet challenging as the class is given only 20 minutes to understand three webpages of data and then present it the groups that we are in. This trains me to do speed reading and to note down the important points for presentation.

At the end of this module, I found out I am still weak in my language as I still make countless of grammatical errors but thankfully my lecturer has been constantly correcting me. Which motivates me. He said something which I will never forget. To be a good billiard player, play more billiard. To improve on my English, i will have to write and read more. After this module I am going to write and read more during my free time.

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  1. Thanks, Boris, for this comprehensive review. I appreciate the detailed reflection on the tasks you completed. I'm also happy you noticed and took to heart that quote about learning to do something well by doing it often. (That may be the most important thing I said all term!)

    I'm glad you plan to do more writing and reading in English. That is the gig, after all.

    Thanks for all your work this term. Best of luck as you continue your learning journey.